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The Headwaters Relay is a 3 day, team run, team-supported, adventure race that goes through the backcountry of Montana. There are no aid stations. The exchange points are not marked and are found by following written leg descriptions. Legs very in difficulty and terrain, and range from 1 to 6 miles. Each day has a definitive start and end point, and overall team time is a compilation of cumulative time from all legs. Runners do not run through the night. Every team runner must run a minimum of one leg per day.

Due to Forest Service permits, we are limited to a field of 25 teams, with preference given to teams that ran the previous year. Team size ranges from 3 to 10 runners. 


Team size:

ULTRA TEAM 3-5 Runners ($1000 per team)

STANDARD TEAM 6-10 runners ($1500 per team)

Teams choose their own name

Teams must have one designated team captain

Teams are responsible for their own support and aid along the way, including liquids, food, navigation, and anything else to keep their runners going.

A maximum of 2 support vehicles per team allowed on the route one must be high clearance 

Each runner is required to run a minimum of one leg each day of the Relay

Teams determine who runs which leg. Each team must complete all the designated legs

Once a runner begins a leg, he/she should complete it. If a runner cannot complete a leg for whatever legitimate reason (e.g., medical condition), then another runner from the team must complete their leg

Teams must run the legs in succession(i.e., one at a time), not two or more at a time (concomitantly)

This race is operated under special use permit with the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and the Dillon field office of the BLM 

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