Registration opens February 1, 2022

Cost:  $1500 per team for teams of six to ten runners, and $800 for teams of five or fewer runners. Payments made by check or credit card, no cash. Half payments postmarked by February 15th, but not before February 1st.



A grandfathered team is a team that ran in 2021 and has at least 4 returning runners for 2022. Alternatively, two teams that ran in 2021 may combine to form ONE grandfathered team, if they have 4 previous runners from both teams combined.  


To enter as a grandfathered team, teams of six or more runners must have $750 in by February 15th plus at least four RETURNING runner sign up/waiver forms. Teams of five or less must have $400 in by February 15, along with two RETURNING runner signup forms. To hold on to a grandfathered spot, the remaining balance ($750 for teams of 6 or more; $400 for teams of five or less), is due by May 1st. Refunds will be given before, but not after, May 1.



A new team is a team that did not run in 2021. New team registration opens February 1st. Your mailed registration, four (minimum) runner sign up/waiver forms, and money ($750 or $400 for a team of five or less) -- must be postmarked no later than February 15th. Teams will be chosen by lottery, the results of which will be announced March 1st. If you don't make it, we rip up your checks or credit card numbers. If you are selected, your balance (the second $750, or $400 for teams of five or less) will be due May 1st. Refunds will be given before, but not after, May 1st.

Download, print, complete, and mail or email

team entry form and  runner waiver.

Headwaters Relay

c/o Bozeman Running Company

132 E. Main St, Bozeman MT 59715

Important Reminders

Entries postmarked before February 1 will not be accepted

Entries postmarked After February 15 will not be accepted (if the race does not fill we will open it up to entries after this date) 

Entries that do not include 4 RETURNING runner waivers or 2 RETURNING waivers for an ultra team, will not be accepted.

Entries that do not include full or partial payment will not be accepted.

After acceptance into the relay, team captains will be sent an email. 

The 21st Annual Headwaters Relay will be held on July 29-31, 2022