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Cost:  $1500 per team for teams of six to ten runners, and $1000 for teams of five or fewer runners. 



A grandfathered team is a team that ran in 2022 and has at least 4 returning runners for 2023. Alternatively, two teams that ran in 2022 may combine to form ONE grandfathered team, if they have 4 previous runners from both teams combined.  


To enter as a grandfathered team, teams of six or more runners (with at least FOUR RETURNING RUNNERS) must have $1500 in by March 5.  Team captains will enter their team name only, plus the $1500, and then add names of team members later. 


The registration procedure for new teams will be announced very soon. A new team is a team that did not run in 2022. New team registration will open on March 10 (after the grandfathered teams have had their chance).   

New teams can register online by visiting:

Headwaters Relay 2023

Headwaters Relay

c/o Bozeman Running Company

132 E. Main St, Bozeman MT 59715

Important Reminders

Entries that do not include full or partial payment will not be accepted.

After acceptance into the relay, team captains will be sent an email. 

The 22nd Annual Headwaters Relay will be held on July 28-30, 2023

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